President Barack speaks in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014, to announce the U.S. will end its outdated approach to Cuba that has failed to advance U.S. interests. (AP Photo/Doug Mills, Pool)

Key elements of US policy shift toward Cuba

By: Darlene Superville, AP WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. and Cuba will begin taking steps to restore full diplomatic relations, marking the most significant shift in U.S. policy toward the communist island in more than half a century. Key elements of changes to U.S. policy toward Cuba, some of which … [Read More...]


April Ryan: The Presidency in Black and White

The Presidency in Black and White gives readers a factual and compelling behind-the-scenes look at the inner-workings of race relations as it relates to the White House. Each chapter of the manuscript contains interviews with important figures who have been involved in race relations, have been … [Read More...]


War and peace between potential 2016 hawks and doves

Source: MSNBC The Hardball roundtable takes on the battle over the soul of Hillary Clinton, national security in the 2016 election, President Obama’s pick for Attorney General, and whether President Obama is now “free” to make a deal with Republicans now that the election is over. … [Read More...]


Inside the White House with Valerie Jarrett

Source: NBC News NBC’s Cynthia McFadden profiles one of the president’s closest advisers during a day in the White House … [Read More...]

A Closer Look


White House and Muslim Nations: Torture Report

(AURN) -- The White House contends this administration and this country has a good working relationship with Muslim countries around the world. That, … [Read More...]


Joe Biden Speaks out on Torture Report

(AURN) -- Vice President Joe Biden showed up at an event at the Mandarin Oriental to a packed house in Washington DC for an annual event. But the news … [Read More...]


The Word – President Barack Obama – To Health in a Handbasket

Source: The Colbert Report President Barack Obama delivers a special edition of The Word, proving that he is perfectly capable of doing Stephen's … [Read More...]

Fabric of America Originals

Toby Talbot/AP/File

Prices at the Pump on the Decline

By: April Ryan, | AURN Gasoline prices are going down according to the White House.  Data from AAA supports that claim looking at the average … [Read More...]

Photo from Reuters in Atlantic City Lab.

The Nation’s Inequality

By: April Ryan, | AURN In Washington, a new study on inequality has been released and it puts a spotlight on economic pain for those at the lower … [Read More...]


The Realities of the African Continent

By: April Ryan, | AURN It is the last day of the historic gathering for the US Africa Summit. The meeting, the largest assemblage of … [Read More...]


A Profile of Secretary Jeh Johnson

By: April Ryan, | AURN Immigration is under the bipartisan microscope for an immediate fix when it comes to the recent influx of children … [Read More...]

Homeland Security Nominee Jeh Johnson - Charles Dharapak/AP

60 Years After Brown V. Board

By: April Ryan, | AURN It is the 60th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Eduction and at the White House, President Obama is meeting with the … [Read More...]


I Remember Madiba

By: April Ryan, The world is literally pausing, remembering this eras leader for justice, and equality. Nelson Mandela also known as Madiba, … [Read More...]

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