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Gang tattoos hinder job prospects?

First lady Laura Bush said on Tuesday that young people are more likely to get jobs if they avoid tattoos, as well as drugs and alcohol.   "We know that people who do avoid drugs and alcohol are more likely to be able to get a job," she said in an interview with American Urban Radio Network.   "We … [Read more...]

I invaded the White House press corps

I had front row seats at the media's Great Slave Rebellion over Karl Rove. No wonder our democracy's in trouble.   August 27, 2005 Saturday By Cintra Wilson   On July 11, the story of Karl Rove's involvement in the Valerie Plame case broke, and the hounds got loose in the James S. Brady Press … [Read more...]

Spokesman Holds Tongue During Intense Grilling

By Dana Milbank   On the north lawn of the White House yesterday afternoon, gardeners were taking a chain saw and wood chipper to some tree branches. Inside the briefing room, reporters were taking press secretary Scott McClellan to the woodshed.   It was journalists' first chance to grill … [Read more...]