A reporter’s work is never done. This week over 15 thousand reporters from around the world, are chasing stories that come out of the Democratic National Convention. Tuesday the breathless chase ensued after Republican Rudy Giuliani at the Democratic Convention.

CNN’S Susan Malveaux on the convention floor getting the story to viewers around the world.

The working press is covering stories all over Denver. Some media press room areas are appointed and comfortable. In most cases, it is very basic and cramped workspace.

What do you think of the news coverage from all the media outlets of the convention?


  1. Interesting! Suzanne Malveaux in the house too! Everybody as I expected from all the news organizations. Was her twin sister there too? 🙂 😉

    I wished we would have seen more of the daily proceedings on TV during the day before the nightly speeches. I got a lot of insights from coming here to your site and the various blogs too which I loved to read.

    I heard it was 15,000 journalists? Wow!


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