BaracK Obama is in the Mile High City. He appeared on stage at the Democratic Convention Last night. Tonight, the Obama speech ends the four day session. His speech will be loaded with issues, a call for party unity and words to remember a historic anniversary. Senator Obama will be addressing 75 thousand people at Invesco Field as he accepts the nomination for President from the Democratic Party. Some say the anniversary brings full circle the challenge of civil rights in this country. Does the Democratic nomination of Barack Obama make the dream real? If not, why not?

People are coming from around the World for the event. A former African President from The Gambia is in Denver for the Democratic coronation of Barack Obama.

Africans are also excited about Obama’s connection to Africa as his father was Kenyan. Obama’s speech tonight will be filled with different layers. Today, also marks the 1963 anniversary of the March on Washington. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the I Have a Dream speech that day. King’s daughter, Bernice is in Denver to celebrate the Obama nomination and remember her father’s words.


  1. Good stuff! You were rollin! I love the African gentleman’s point of view. It’s a great reminder of how the world is looking at this too!

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