Senator John McCain is making history. He has selected a little known female Alaskan Governor to stand with him on the Republican Presidential ticket.  Governor Sarah Palin is the addition to the ticket.   The McCain camp hopes she will attract the swing vote, particularly those who are upset that Hillary Clinton was not selected as Barack Obama’s nominee.  There is a major downside for McCain for this selection. By picking a little known person for the ticket, it cuts into McCain’s efforts to discount Senator Obama’s experience. 


What do you think of the move?  Was McCain being a maverick in this decision?  Was he being reactionary to compete with a history making campaign on the democratic side?


  1. This was a bad choice at this time for McCain at this time.

    It’s amazing. All theses years The Republicans have been given so much credit for being so much more smarter, wiser, sharper when it comes to the moves they make politically.

    This move they have made is a like a shot in the foot. I want to know how many other Republicans agree with this choice.

    I cannot believe all stand lock step in agreement with with choice in all truth.

    I think McCain was definitely was being reactionary to compete with a history making campaign on the democratic side.


  2. John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin should be unsettling to the republican party, because it gives credence to the argument made by Obama and the democrats that a vote for McCain will result in four more years of Bush/Cheney poltics. It is a known fact that John McCain has been “Desperately Seeking Susan” searching for a method to get the far right wing of the republican party to not only support him, but to simply like him. It appears he has found that vehicle to their hearts through the extremely right wing, gun toting, pro-life Sarah Palin. Her selection as a V.P. running mate had nothing to do with ensuring that the best possible, or competent individual would be available if the 72-year-old presumptive nominee’s health were to ever failed. Her selection while politically shrew in some circles was from a governance standpoint comical at best, and potentially disastrous at worst. Clearly a person that is currently under investigation in the state of Alaska for misuse of power as a governor is not ready to assume the power as the second most powerful person in the land, or all her former enemies, or anyone that makes her mad may have to run for cover and leave the country for safety.

    This is a person the republicans are arguing has more experience than Barak Obama due to the fact that she has been a governor for 18 months as opposed to Obama being a Senator, well if that is the argument then that would also make Sarah Palin more qualified than John McCain since he never held the position of Governor or Mayor for that matter of any population of 5,000 or less. Is the republican party really ready to place their faith in a person that has been the Governor for less than 2 years of a state with less than 700,000, and prior to that the mayor of a town with approximately 5,000 people? Many pundits claim this was a “Maverick” decision by John McCain, but what it really looks like is a disparate political move by an old and uninspiring presidential candidate trying to do anything he can to stay relevant in a media driven society rather than a confident person making sound presidential decisions in a time when this country is in desperate shape.

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