Some national security experts believe America must be prepared for any possibilities in a post 9-11 era. The experts site, shortly after the transition of power from President Reagan to a Bush Presidency, there was PAN AM 103. Shortly into the Clinton Presidency there was the first World Trade Center bombing. Both Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain are being briefed by the White House on national security issues. The efforts are for a seamless transition of power to stay ahead of the possibility of an attack. In recent days, Senator Joe Biden stirred controversy on the possibility of another attack. Donors were told, he expected his boss to be tested, if elected, by a “generated crisis” shortly after taking office. Was this statement wrong to announce? Were the wrong words used to describe Barack Obama’s readiness?


  1. I think that Biden could have worded that statement much better.

    I don’t think it was neccesarily wrong for him to go there because they need to show all of Obama’s strength areas and the nation’s security is definitely one of them. Just the wording could have been phrased better on Biden’s part.

    I first heard that type of statement about how the world views America when America picks a President who is considered “weak” or a “political lightweight” in the late 80s. That a nation opens up the possiblities to be tested if the President is considered to be “too weak” or “too inexperienced” or “too young.”

    A lot of folks who are fans of Bush often say, “Well, we had that one attack. You see nothing has happened to America since then in all this time.”

    Well, I feel that would have been the case no matter who was in office as a natural result of what happened in 2001. I feel the response would have been pretty much the same as far as the extreme security measures that began to take place immediatley after. I think it would have been the natural reaction after such a event. Perhaps not as strong on all levels but things would have tightened up nationally, oh yes.

    An older gentleman I heard talking about thie topic, was talking about how they spoke of Kennedy before he got in similarly.

    I would trust a Obama/Biden ticket on this issue more than I would a McCain/Palin ticket.

    I feel that with Obama/Biden better sense would prevail about whatever is coming up in how it’s handled, especially given all that’s hapenned in the last 8 years and with Biden’s insights and experience on foreign affairs and now Powell’s endorsement too ready to answer any questions at any given time for Obama? Oh, yeah. Obama/Biden all the way on this one.

    I feel that McCain would handle it like Bush did and we dont’ want that again. And if something were to happen to McCain in the next 4 years and Palin steps up to the plate as Prez? God Help Us All!


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