Governor Sarah Palin was deposed for three hours Friday night in St. Louis, in the scandal where she is accused of unfairly firing an official because he would not fire her brother in law.  Critics believe Palin wanted her brother in law fired because he was divorcing her sister.  The State Personnel board is looking into weather Alaska’s public safety director was wrongfully fired this summer.  Associated Press Reports indicate, the deposition marks the first time Palin has formally addressed the matter under oath.   Palin’s husband Todd also gave a separate deposition on the matter.



Earlier this month, a bipartisan report on “Troopergate” indicated Palin abused power in firing the state’s public safety commissioner.  The report also concluded she was in violation of state ethics laws and played an active role in a vendetta against her brother in law.  Does this hurt the McCain Palin ticket?   Should Sarah Palin talk to America about this issue before the election?  Should John McCain be worried about this issue and its impact on his campaign?



  1. This hurts the McCain/Palin ticket, yes.

    I think it would be in her best interest and McCain’s if she at least puts out some statement if not a a full press conference on this, to clear this up, yes.

    The real problem is the issue itself is what it is. It’s got her dirt all over it, so I don’t think it will help them overall either way though because it shows what she is willing to do when it comes to personal affairs and how she may use her “bag of tricks” possibly again in the future as a possible VP, so as they say on the streets “it’s a bad look” any way one slices it.

    McCain is probably very worried about this as we speak.

    I said it before, and I will say it again, I knew immediately after McCain picked her, when I saw her picture, I said to myself, “you have got to be kidding. is he trying to lose on purpose or is he just that much off his rocker?” To add to that, that first weekend when all of that info came out on Palin from the right wing to the middle to the left wing talk radio stations hosts and callers and guests responses, that McCain’s choice of Palin as his VP would cause him serious regrets.

    I even told family and friends that weekend, before election day and before the ink will even dry on those new McCain/Palin signs and posters, he may drop her and pick someone else due to all the drama that would come out on her.

    Now, it’s almost too late. Oh, well! More power to Obama!


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