The Democrats were spoofed by the Saturday Night Live featured political skit, giving Tina Faye some down time. Barack and Michelle Obama were spotlighted along with Bill Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Do you think the parody hit the mark or was it over the top?

SNL’s opening segment.


  1. Can we keep it real? You know LT do!

    I didn’t like this one too much. I thought it was over the top.

    Even though SNL is doing well right now in the ratings during all of this, they still fall in the bag of sometimes getting things right, sometimes getting them wrong, and sometimes just purely overdoing it. I thought they overdid it with this.

    Also, as much as I love Barack, it ain’t November 5th yet! I would advise SNL to hold off on the victory dance variety show skits ’til that following Thursday or weekend of the 8th, when we know for sure we have a “W” in the column for Barack’s victory. A “W” as in “Win” not “GW”! LOL!

    On a more personal note, it sickens me that SNL constantly relies on Maya Rudolph, Kenan, and this guy whenever they are trying to portray people of color.

    You mean to tell me in New York City, home of millions of actors and actresses they could not find a fine chocolate sista to portray beautiful Michelle? And why do they keep relying on Fred Armison to portray Barack? His portrayal of Barack is mediocre at best to me. SNL could do better.

    Armison is of Venezuelan and Japanese ancestry and they put him in makeup to do Barack.
    Rudolph is of Jewish and African American descent. Her mother was Minnie Riperton.

    I ain’t mad at actors for getting work but Once again, when it comes to parody and satire, you gotta get it right. They should’ve hired a fine chocolate sista to be Michelle and a more handsome actor to be Barack.

    There is an African-American actor on Leno right now who I think is a better reflection of Barack not only in appearance but in his ways etc. MAD TV has a chocolate sista doing Michelle and the actor doing Barack on their show is just OK to me too.

    I guess in satire comedy, almost anything goes, but to really get me to laugh, you gotta give me the whole package or it falls flat!

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