Seven networks aired the Barack Obama infomercial that was a half an hour in length.  In some of the first scenes of the film, Obama was in an Oval Office style setting.  He narrated stories about real Americans in tough times.  He again outlined his anticipated policies if elected President of the United States.  It was a variation of his closing argument before the November 4, 2008 elections.  The question, was it on time or overkill as he is leading in the polls against John McCain?


Later in the evening, Obama and Former President Bill Clinton addressed a crowd of thousands in Florida.  Former President Clinton passed the torch at that event, giving his full endorsement to Barack Obama for President. It was the first time the two campaigned together.




  1. I kind of have mixed feelings on this one.

    I saw Obama’s Infomercial last night and though I felt it was a good idea when I first heard he was doing this, after seeing it, (minutes into it actually) it was very well done as I expected it to be, BUT I thought he didn’t neccessarily HAVE to do this at this time.

    Don’t get me wrong, it was nice, BUT! Eh!

    As far as the timing of it is concerned, it seems every campaign, has “that final sell.” “That final pitch.” And I guess this was it or one of them. I think we will hear from him again before Election Day probably via the internet.

    In Obama’s case, he has been doing so well lately, that I didn’t think it was neccessary for him to do this type of infomercial during prime time right now. Maybe next week perhaps? Sunday Night? Or even better, Monday Night AKA Election Night Eve would have been better timing? That last final statement and call to get everyone to the polls to vote for him.

    Once again, the ad was very well produced and all but I didn’t think it was neccessarily neccessary to air during prime time at this very moment.

    Also, The World Series was last night. America’s love its baseball. As they say, “Baseball is as American as apple pie.” Philly loves Obama but Philly is serious about its sports! LOL! I may have not been THAT bold to secure the air time right before the World Game Series game starts, especially conmsidering the 2 day rain delays they had.

    Honestly, if McCain had done this same thing I would have called it a bold last minute attempt. But because Obama is ahead in the polls, and has been doing well in the polls nationally so far and because Obama has been so smart with his campaign’s money, he now has the funds to even do this right now, so I’m not mad at him for doing it. More power to him.

    Could this hurt his chances? I hope not. I don’t think any feelings were hurt in other words, but it will remain to be seen come next Tuesday. They say hindsight is 20/20. Hours after, looking back on this would I advise him to do this again, same week, same timing? I’d say no. Save it for Election Day Eve! 😉

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