Several years ago, around Halloween, I had the opportunity to ask First Lady Laura Bush if the stories were true about ghosts in the White House?   She said, it was not true.  She did however indicate, there is a “ghostly” portrait of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Bedroom. The skin tones of the picture are grayish and the eyes of the portrait follow you around the room.

Meanwhile, some in Washington are getting into the spirit of Halloween with political masks of the dearly departed.


  1. Interesting. There are several books out on that topic about ghosts in the White House. There are even some D.C. Historical Haunted Stops Tours people can take.

    Speaking of Halloween, anyone remember Halloweeen in Georgetown in the 80s? Those were the days. They used to close off Georgetown in all four directions on Halloween Night so people could walk in the streets in their costumes but they stopped doing that years ago because it was getting out of control. Today? Sidewalk walking only! Still a massive turnout each year.

    Anyone remember all the old Costume Stores that used to be in D.C. in the 70s and 80s? When there was a political season every 4 years like we are in now, they really went to town with the political masks. I saw the McCain, Palin, Obama, Biden and Hillary masks recently too.

    Happy Halloween!

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