The Obamas have promised their daughters a new dog. It is a thank you gift you for tolerating the presidential campaign. They are looking for a dog that will fit their new lifestyle and will not cause an allergic reaction in one of their daughters. But when shopping for a dog ,they may want to make sure it has a good temperament especially towards the press.

The current First Dog, Barney, is in a bit of trouble as he bit into a reporters finger on the Northwest Driveway. Barney is normally a dog who takes it in stride as he walks freely around the White House. He is a goodwill ambassador of sorts especially when the kids are around. But today was different. Barney snarled at a female photographer just before he bit into the reporter Jon Decker, Reuters TV White House Correspondent. Jon has been given antibiotics and will be getting a tetanus shot courtesy of the White House doctor. Jon says the White House assured him the dog’s shots are all up to date. If you are wondering, the First Lady’s Press Secretary has called Jon on behalf of both the President and Mrs. Bush.


  1. Enjoy the Texas weather Barney. It won’t be the same white house without you.

  2. That reporter was a moron and he deserved to get bitten. Barney should have taken his finger off. I hope he reads these posts!! Anyone with the intelligence of a walnut knows you don’t go to pet a dog over his head, especially when the dog doesn’t know you. How did this guy manage to get a job as a reporter? I’m surprised he can cope in life in general!! Clearly he doesn’t have the sense God gave a billygoat.

  3. geekgurl64 says:

    pet him! HA!


  4. geekgurl64 says:

    Ok, I just saw the piece on Access Hollywood. What a foolish reporter!! I have owned Scottish Terriers for most of my life. For scotties, you NEVER go toward a scottie fast or toward their head, especially when they don’t know you. With that said, the reporter got what he deserved. Barney isn’t upset he is leaving the White House, he was ticked that some reporter dude was trying to

  5. FYI: The reported tried to pet Barney the wrong way. Dogs often see a hand coming down at them with the palm side down as an aggressive stance.

    It would have been safer if he would have tried to pet with his palm up, which is often how a dog would receive food. Once Barney has had a chance to sniff his palm for food, he should be less likely to see the reporter as a threat and normal petting can commence.

  6. That is really nice about them finally getting their new much deserved puppy! When President Elect Obama announced that in his victory speech Tuesday night, I think every child across America felt that too! As in, “Ooooh! Nice!” (children look to parents) “Can we?!?!? Pleeeeease?!?!?” lol!

    Four words come to mind about Barney biting the reporter who was the unfortunate receiver of the bite: Watch The Dog Whisperer! lol!

    Maybe Barney caught wind that he and his owners are all leaving soon and he is not ready to leave that good life yet! Can you blame him? I saw a documentary on pets of The White House over the years. Talk about creature comforts! Nice life! LOL!

    Loving your new chyrons in your videos, April! Cool!


  1. Dogs Ugliest Dogs German Shepherd Puppies…

    I didn’t agree with you first, but last paragraph makes sense for me…

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