Next week, at the White House, President Bush will pardon his last Thanksgiving turkey.  The actions allow the fowl to live out the remainder of its days at a petting farm, safe from a fork, a knife and a dinner platter.   Some other turkeys on the other side of the country were not so lucky.   Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin held a turkey pardoning ceremony recently at a farm.  While there, she conducted an interview near a worker who was actually slaughtering the entrée for Thanksgiving dinner.   What do you think?  Did Governor Palin commit a foul with the location of the interview?  Was it a contradiction for her to pardon a turkey and then stand near the slaughter of others?



  1. The only comment I can manage for this is “LOL!”

    OK, I fibbed, I got more.

    Truth is funnier than fiction.

    “Did Governor Palin commit a foul…” No pun intended, right? Fowl! Foul! LOL!

    That she chose this location is wild and funny to me. Here we go, once again!

    It reminds me of a MAD TV or SNL Skit and guess what, she did it all by herself! LOL!

    I still cannot believe she got $7 mill for her book deal! Who is going to buy that? After the first month of it’s release, I can see it now in the 50% Off Section due to low sales.

    Bill got $10 Mill but we’re talking a popular President. Hillary got $8 Mill but we’re talking a past first lady and popular senator, but $7 mill for a lady that no one even knew of, who basically cost McCain the election in the 11th hour, and the GOP is still trying to distance themselves from and she gets $7 mill for her book?! Say what?!?!?

    In the words of Don King “Only in America!”

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