Has the line been crossed with the Amos and Andy like parody of the song, Barack The Magic Negro?  The person singing is impersonating Reverand Al Sharpton in what is said to be satire. 


The song began playing on the Rush Limbaugh show before Obama became the Democratic nominee for president.  Recently, Barack The Magic Negro was part of a Christmas CD given by Republican Chip Saltsman to RNC members.   Saltsman is campaigning to head the Republican National Committee.


Should Rush Limbaugh be held accountable for the Barack the Magic Negro song?   Can and should the Republican party do anything to Chip Saltsman’s bid to run the RNC after his inappropriate Christmas gift to members?




  1. I heard a little about this over the Holidays. That is incredibly racist.

    Rush Limbaugh should be held accountable for airing it. The FCC should fine him at the least. The parent company that owns the network that owns his show should also be held accountable and hold him acountable as well.

    The Republican party should freeze and deny Chip Saltsman’s bid to run the RNC after this inappropriate Christmas gift to members.


  2. During this last presidential campaign we witnessed a side of America that we all knew existed, but few in the media would ever truly acknowledge. Most of the Black community had always known that the likes of Rush Limbaugh were nothing more than common racist. They are racist with money and microphones, and unfortunately they have a tremendous following. Most of use witnessed several highlights from Ohio when many ignorant citizens of Ohio made statements that sounded reminiscent of the 1950’s. The facts are America has a strong foundation built from white supremacy, and while we have elected Barack Obama as president this country is a long way from being anything close to perfect.

    I only hope the Rush Limbaugh(s), Mr. Saltman, Ken Blackwell (the next biggest sellout next to Uncle Clarence Thomas), and the Republican party continues to take this stand. I hope they continue to view this country through their narrow minded, bias, white supremacist eyes, so the rest of this country can continue to place men like Barack Obama in office, and we can continue to laugh at them after our victories. Let them sing “Puff the Magic Negro” while Barack Obama the 1st Black President is the most powerful MAN in the Free World………..

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