The legalization of marijuana is the number one issue facing America according to those submitting answers to a survey on



The Decriminalization of drugs is not a new issue.  In 1988, then Baltimore City Mayor Kurt Schmoke put the topic on the table at a meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.  The idea was not well received but did generate debate and conversation.   At that time, Schmoke felt the war on drugs was being lost and reasoned that decriminalization would render trafficking unprofitable, reduce drug-related crime and let funds be diverted from law enforcement to drug education and treatment.   Schmoke proposed the war on drugs be led by the Surgeon General and not the Attorney General. 


Now, the issue is back on the table.   A survey by finds the top issue on Americans minds, marijuana legalization.   In 2004, Barak Obama echoed Schmoke’s sentiments. 


What do you think?  Should marijuana be legalized?  Should illegal drugs be decriminalized?  Would either be wise to tackle for the Obama administration during a first presidential term?


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