One of the most incredible stories during the President-Elect’s day of service,  the Obama motorcade rolled through the streets of the District, particularly in urban areas unnoticed while traveling to and from three service events.  The police escorted motorcade was at least 12 cars deep.  The line of cars stopped at traffic lights and followed speed limits.  President-Elect Obama was in his highly secured limousine leading the pack.   He saw the swelling crowds at the U.S. Capitol and Union Station, at one point of the morning.  The crowds were there for him, yet he went unnoticed as the motorcade sat at a traffic light for about two minutes in front of Union Station.  Secret Service sources believe people did not assume it was Obama, even as his limo license plates have 44 etched on them.   The prevailing thought, it was another dignitary when there is no motorcade fanfare.  Later in the morning, the motorcade began rolling through the streets at a high rate of speed.  Streets were blocked off and cheering crowds were thick in many spots along the route.


  1. That is amazing about the Union Station story. It’s funny how life is, isn’t it?

    Sometimes your best security is that people plain ole not knowing or figuring it’s you even when it’s right in our faces. lol! Also the element of the spontaneous visits catches folks off guard everytime! lol.

    He musta stopped by Walter Reed the same day he swung by Coolidge. Cool! I know the troops apprciated that and so did the kids at the school.


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