The inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America brought millions upon millions to Washington, D.C.

Hollywood showed up for the event.   Celebrities were everywhere.  Denzel Washington and Diddy stood in front of the President as others were seated taking the speech in.

Singer Smokey Robinson attended.

Actor Samuel Jackson.

Michigan Congressman John Conyers was on the platform, just feet away from the event and gives his take on history.

Reverend Jesse Jackson reflects on the occasion


  1. SavingRselves, I hear you. The energy and spirit down there on the mall was beautiful. Even the various police were in a good mood in our section. We were all actually laughing together and talking in my group. It was professional yet easy going. We loved it. We made new friends with folks from all over the states and Earth. What if every day could be like that?

  2. As I stood there on the Mall in the Blue section in the blistering cold I was amazed at the enthusiasm of all the people I meet that had been standing and waiting for hours. It was the first time in my 40 years were I actually felt good about being an American. For the first time I felt like all the years of hypocrisy were about to change. I stood shoulder to shoulder for hours with state elected officials, Robin Roberts, and Tony Dungy in my section to witness American history with what appeared to be a sea of people from the Capital to the Potomac River.

    It was a day I will never, that I can never forget.

  3. What an incredible and amazing day yesterday was.

    I was on the West Side of The Capitol in The Purple Section and then later in front of The Newseum taking it all in.

    Great interviews! I did not know Smokey Robinson was there in the front section of the Capitol. Nice interview!

    I saw Beyonce, Diddy, Jay Z, Oprah, Ali and many others on TV after we I got home.

    Sam Jackson I saw on WUSA 9 as they were covering the BET Honors on Saturday Night. So now we know where all the celebs were – up front! lol!

    I heard that Jermaine Dupree was in Mayor Fenty’s Inaugural Viewing Stand.

    I am glad I went Sunday evening after the Lincol Memorial Concert to see the whole layout at The Capitol. That was good enough for me! lol! Got good pics too the days before the big event! I knew then that was the closest I would get to the Capitol until after the 20th!


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