President Barack Obama toured the White House Press Briefing Room and press quarters before six pm eastern.   He took the surprise tour hours after Press Secretary Robert Gibbs first White House press briefing.   He wanted to meet and greet reporters not on the campaign trail with him.  One reporter cornered the president,  pressing him on news of the day questions.  The president clearly did not want to answer during the down time with the press corps.  President Obama said there will be time for those questions at a press conference.  No word on when that will be. 



  1. Good comment, SavingRselves. Great observations.

    Great video, April! Very cool. Nice surprise!


  2. Now that the race is over, and President Obama (It’s just still so unreal) is getting the feel for everything you can begin to see his shrewdness and true demeanor coming out. He was firm, to the point, and cool all at the same time with the reporter that asked the question, “You’re about to mess up the entire apple cart for everyone if you don’t stay cool.” “I won’t come down here any more if you don’t relax”

    It is almost like watching West Wing in real time as you watch a President that is not afraid of the press because he has nothing to hide. It is just a glorious day for America not just because we have a Black President, which is great, but because we have an intelligent President. For one in how many years the POTUS is intelligent, well versed, charismatic, and….and….Presidential! We can finally feel safer knowing we have a real President for the people in the White House.

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