President Obama will keep his Blackberry and use it only with a small number of close personal friends and senior staff.  White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs contends a compromise has been struck on the use.  Gibbs admits security has been enhanced to protect the President and further his use of the device.    All emails, to and from the President’s $3,300 dollar Blackberry are subject to the Presidential Records Act.  That means they are public record.    Gibbs says “nobody can do that”, wean him off his Blackberry use.  President Obama will continue to use it to keep him from feeling like he is a bubble.


  1. Good points, SavingRselves.

  2. We have a “Gibbs” back in Washington, D.C.! lol. 😉 Now if we could only get our football team back on track! lol.

    Interesting and funny about the Blackberry story.

    I am guessing that would be the “new & improved specially made Presidential version of the Blackberry” also known as “Blackberry Presidential 5000.0” One of a kind! And the suped-up version we in the general public will never see in stores for years to come! lol!

    I bet you he has features on that specially made Blackberry that we haven’t seen yet! 😉


  3. It seems small, but clearly President Obama believes when there is a will there is a way. He was determined to keep his Blackberry, and for those of us that have one, we know they are addicting. I think the President keeping his blackberry is a small example of just how accessible he wants to be with his staff and close friends. It is also a small example of just how firm he can be when he wants something, because everyone was saying there is no way he can keep is blackberry, but at the end of the day the situation was worked out. On the evening of the inauguration President Obama drove through Chinatown on E Street waving at people. He is the President of the people. he said it, and now he is showing it through simple small acts and gestures.

    The American people that voted for President Obama are really living a dream right now in these first few days. All the talking heads are making references to Lincoln, and FDR, but this feels reminiscent to the stories of the Kennedy Administration and “Camelot”

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