Schools in the Maryland, and DC area gave kids a day off or delayed openings because of snow that turned to freezing rain.  But, the new and current White House occupants are perplexed at the school closings because of ice.    The two Obama girls, Malia and Sasha attend two different Sidwell Friends campuses in the DC area.  They were given the day off.




  1. This was funny to me when I saw the video that he said this. Partly because he was kind of joking and partly because it is true. It was funny to me because in my opinion because so many people who move to the D.C. area make the same observation about our winters and our snows.

    The part I would like to add to President Obama’s comment is that, as I remember it, (the 70s and 80s and the 60s and 50s and 40s from my parents conversations and pictures), D.C. actually used to get some pretty significant snows in those days.

    Our last big snow I think was in 2003. Before then, The Blizzard of ’96. Before then, I think one would have to trace it back to the 80s and 70s and on and on for the big big ones.

    Also, D.C. schools, historically, have always been the LAST schools to close in the winter weather. I can testify because we went to D.C. public schools and I can still remember all those wintery mornings and evenings and us as children listening to the radio (pre-internet days) and hoping and praying our schools would be closed only to hear “D.C. Schools…Open On Time!”

    The couties around D.C. (Montgomery, Prince Georges, Fauqier, etc) seemed and still seem to always get off or get hours off i.e. opening 2 to 3 to 4 hours late or closing early. Yet, D.C. generally always had to/has to go the full day. (with some exceptions)

    A point on the driving in the D.C. area: we rate as having some of the worst traffic in America. I think we are on the top 5 last time I checked. We may be #2 or #3 as far as worst driving and most congestion (and growing).

    Also, D.C. has had several population booms in the last 15 to 30 years. As a result we have a large part of the population that is actually from other parts of the states and world. We have a combination of drivers here. We have some folks who are coming from the serious big time snow states like Illinois, Pittsburgh, Denver, etc. and we have folks here who still have never seen snow in their lifetimes. We got a mix.

    And then we have the DC/MD/VA folks which breaks down once again into generations. Some have exp driving in the big snowstorms, some do not.

    Overall, I found President Obama’s comment to be generally on point though as far as the school closings in the DMV area presently and how quickly they close now to avoid headaches. It wasn’t always like that in the past though for all of us!


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