President Obama made a historic and unannounced visit to the White House briefing room to quell the pubic upset over his statement about the arrest of his friend and scholar Henry Gates. At the most recent press conference this week Obama said, “the Cambridge police acted stupidly!” Now he contends, both Sgt. Crowley and Professor Gates “overreacted.”   Obama made the statements after a phone call to Sgt. Crowley.  President Obama has also extended an invitation to both men to have a beer with him at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to put the issue to rest.   Was it right for the presidents to dial back what he originally said? Or did he bow to pressure from police groups and Washington political figures?


  1. Prior to this administration I was always under the impression that the POTUS, the President of the United States was the most power man in the free world, and his position was the most power position in the United States. Since the insane arrest of Dr. Henry (Skip) Grates of Cambridge, Massachusetts, my thinking has been corrected to understand that the most powerful person, or persons in this case are the PBA presidents around this country, and not the POTUS. Not the man that selects/appoints the Attorney General, which presides over all police agencies in this country, but rather the presidents of the millions of Patrolman/Police Benevolent Associations that represent police officers across this country whether good, wrong, dirty, or indifferent. Once the Cambridge PBA held a press conference the most powerful man in the free world had to back up and capitulate his original and accurate statement and position. Now that we know who holds all the power we should all act accordingly, or we may find ourselves holding impromptu press conference, and cow-towing for assuming that police officers are public servant that are compensated from hard working tax paying dollars.

    I forgive President Obama because I know Healthcare is his current priority, and the conservative right is looking for any opportunity to derail that vital conversation.

  2. I saw this play out live – The Cambridge Police had their We Will Not Blink Press Conference first and then President Obama did this not too long after. That alone was not a good look in my book.

    I think he bowed to pressure from police groups and Washington political figures (or somebody!) on this one out of the hopes of acting as the peacemaker, clarifying his stance, and maybe even saving himself politically from the first press conference when asked the question.

    The first press conference we heard his heart, though it could have been handled better. The second press conference we heard politics in my opinion.

    I think overall he could have handled his words much better during the 1st press conference on this issue. Had that been the case, he would not have had to come back and do this 2nd one which I also think could have been handled much better. It surprises me because President Obama is so excellent as seeing through what someone is asking him. He normally does not take the bait or either comes back with something so smooth and strong – he answers the person directly and even can make them look foolish for what they attempted to do. With this one I think it was just a poor choice of words for what we knew up to that point (initial press conference) though we felt where he was coming from.

    How it will affect him politically overall if at all? We will see over the next few days, months etc.

  3. B-more Sistah says:

    Based on the video, the POTUS (originally) spoke on what he heard. Certainly, lots of people make comments on initial reactions to new information. As the facts surface, we may adjust our thought process and assessment of the situation.

    Neither BHO or I were eyewitnesses to the confrontation. But he’s got better information conduits than I do to the “inside scoop.” ITMT, what kinda beer “the guys” gonna be drinkin’ @TWH? LOL

    Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Police Report:… Read More
    “I’ll speak with your mama outside,” Harvard prof told Cambridge cops

    . . . Teachable Moment?!? Maybe.

    In the meantime, can you smell, er, I mean spell “L-A-W-S-U-I-T?”

    BRB. Gotta go get a beer. 😀

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