The healthcare and insurance reform debate continues with more protests and raucous confrontations at town hall meetings around the country . The White House says misinformation from grassroots organizations is the problem.The keys to healthcare reform according to Democratic lawmakers on the Hill.

– no discrimination for pre-existing conditions like diabetes or heart condition
– no dropping or refusing to renew coverage if you get sick
– no more job or life decisions made because of loss of coverage
– no need to change doctors or plans–if you like them, keep them. Choice!!!
– no co-pays for preventive care
– no excessive out-of-pocket costs
– yearly caps on what you pay
– but no yearly or lifetime caps on what insurance companies cover

Hate crimes are now a part of the melee of the healthcare reform debates. A swastika was spray painted on black Georgia Congressman David Scott’s Congressional office sign. He contends the perpetrator was aiming at the president not him. Presidential Spokesman Robert Gibbs address the matter in very strong words at the White House Press briefing.



  1. I’m disappointed that the mainstream media is doing such a poor job explaining the facts of this Healthcare Plan. The real issue here is about the millions of uninsured Americans, who can’t afford insurance. Issues that take away from the discussion on this Administration’s Healthcare Plan have taken centered stage night after night. Let’s get back on track and talk to real people who are without Healthcare, not the people who show up at these town hall meetings to spout off about personal issues that have nothing to do with Healthcare.

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