The White House billed the Presidents meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus as a conversation on Health Care Reform. The caucus flipped the script for the session in the White House State Dinning Room and spoke mostly on jobs.

The majority of the 43 members attended the meeting with 95% the discussion focused on jobs for people of color and minority owned small business.

At the very end of the hour long session, Congressman James Clyburn handed a note to President Obama. That piece of paper had one word on it, Pigford. The President then began a discussion on the Black Farmers Pigford Two settlement and how to pay the 1.25 billion dollar restitution. 80 to 90 thousand Black Farmers have been waiting 15 years for the monies that stem from discrimination by the USDA in the farm loan program.

President Obama did receive support for his plan to reform Health Care. Civil Rights Icon and Congressman John Lewis told the session Health Care reform will pass.

In a related note, some CBC members contend they were surprised the meeting was cordial as there have been tensions in the past with the President. They say the President opened the meeting by saying he is not that far removed form his life in Chicago not to understand the crisis for people in the community.

The Congressional Black Caucus is pressing President Obama to do more for African-Americans.

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