Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steele says he and President Obama are held to a higher standard because they are black.  Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary responds saying, it is not about the “race card” for Steele but his “credit card”.   The credit card references the RNC’s higher than usual fundraising entertainment tab.    This controversy places the former Maryland Lieutenant Governor in  the center of controversy about his future in GOP leadership.    Steele contends he will not resign.



A Democratic source close to the situation contends Steele can’t resign or be fired as it would look bad for the RNC.  The GOP has been under fire for some of its membership participating in racist activities over politics.  The source believes any move on Steele would be viewed as another race related political action.


In related news, the second-ranking GOP senator is distancing himself from the national party chairman after the recent news that the party spent nearly $2,000 at a sex-themed nightclub in California.


Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl says he didn’t elect Michael Steele as Republican National Committee chairman so he can’t say whether he thinks Steele should step down. But Kyl tells “Fox News Sunday” that “this kind of thing has got to stop or they won’t get any contributions.”


The RNC has fired a staffer who helped organize the Jan. 31 visit to Voyeur Hollywood West. The RNC has said it would recoup the money from a donor who paid the tab. 

Party officials have said Steele knew nothing of the nightclub visit by a group of young Republicans.

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