President Obama Meets With Black Ministers at the White House

Some of the nations most recognized names in the Black Church met with President Obama before his Easter Prayer breakfast.  The group consisted of 20 leaders of different denominations.  The list included Reverend  Kirby John Caldwell, and Bishop Vashti McKenzie.

The White House contends many of the attendees have known the president for years and some were even in communication with Obama last week for prayer.
During this 30 minute Blue Room session Tuesday, some of the ministers spoke to the President one on one.  Others raised questions.  Some inquires were directed to the President about the summer unemployment situation, with adults vying for jobs teens would hunt for.

Another question came from King-era Civil Rights activist C.T. Vivian.  He asked the President how could the Black Church help with the Mid-Term elections?

There was also a call, for President Obama to consider picking a black person for his next Supreme Court Justice opening. The President told the group he will try to consider all areas and different groups for a diverse and balanced Supreme Court.  He also told the group it is is hard to find Supreme Court qualifications in someone in their 40’s and 50’s.   90 year old Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens says he “will surely” retire while President Barack Obama is still in office, giving the president the opportunity to maintain the high court’s ideological balance.  Stevens is the leader of the courts liberals.

The Tuesaday session ended with President Obama soliciting the black clergy for prayer. A.M.E Bishop, John R. Bryant obliged.

The White House stresses this meeting is one of a series of religious leader gatherings the President has conducted.  In recent weeks Obama hosted Jewish leaders at the White House.

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