Ten days has passed since Justice John Stevens announced he is retiring. The White House is still in the early stages of the selection process to replace the Supreme Court justice who turns 90 this year.   The end of he process is expected to come in a number of weeks.  Obama administration officials say they are currently in a process of “adding names” to be considered not in a process of “whittling those names down. ”  In the meantime, there are two black women on the Supreme Court potentials list.

Ann Clair Williams has the endorsement of the National Bar Association.

Leah Ward Sears is backed by a contingent of black preachers.

Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary will not quantify the growing list that is reported to have at least ten possibles.  Gibbs says, “I don’t want to put an upper limit on the number of people…highly qualified individuals that the president could consider over the course of this process.”   Obama officials contend the goal is to give the President the greatest number of potential candidates.

President Obama wants to have the Stevens replacement seated before the next Supreme Court session begins later this year.

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