The NAACP’s “Come to Jesus” Moment Over Race Controversies

This week, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) held an emergency meeting on their involvement in the recent national controversies on race.  The Civil Rights organization called-in retired board chair and Civil Rights activist Julian Bond for the Wednesday evening session of senior staff and the organization’s Executive Board.  Sources contend NAACP President Ben Jealous was taken to the woodshed for his recent involvement in the current race-based national news stories.   Sources also confirm Roslyn Brock, the new NAACP Board Chairperson, is  now the point person on the current controversies.

Democratic sources close to the NAACP say this is a big warning shot for Jealous, who is said to be a good fundraiser for the nation’s oldest Civil Rights organization.  Sources have confirmed Jealous is taking the fall for the NAACP’s current black eye on these following situations:  This month at the 101st NAACP convention, 85 resolutions were issued.  Only one made national headlines and sparked a raging debate, raising the ire of Conservatives.  The resolution deemed some Tea Party activities racist.  This comes at a time when the apolitical NAACP has been trying to promote an umbrella for people from all political parties.

Controversy swirled for the association again this week when it jumped the gun and denounced the statements by former black Georgia Agriculture employee Shirley Sherrod at a March Freedom Fund Dinner. On tape, Sherrod said she withheld the “full force” of her position because a white farmer, asking for help, was acting superior.   The full 43-minute tape showed her comments were part of a racial redemption story. Thus, after reviewing the entire tape, the NAACP retracted its original statement.






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