David Bositis of the Joint Center for Political and Economis studies says the White House and Democrats are “doing more to get out the black vote during this Mid Term election, than in the past 12 years for the Mid Terms.” He says,”it should make a difference in cutting into the anticipated losses of Democrats next month.” The question is by how much? Bositis says, “that remains to be seen” on November 2, 2010.

Bositis just released a study, In Anticipation of November 2nd Black Voters and Candidates in the 2010 Mid Term Elections.    Bositis says of the reports findings, “This actually is the year where black voters are very strategically placed in terms of affecting the outcome of House, Senate and Gubernatorial elections. There are 20 House elections where the size of the black turnout is not really much question about what direction African Americans are going to vote, they will vote Democratic. There are 20 House districts, there are 14 U-S Senate districts, that is U-S Senate seats, and 14 Gubernatorial elections were the size of the African American turnout would have a direct impact on the elections.”

The White House and the Democratic Party are relying on polling in the African American community.  The black and youth vote is the party base.  Subsequently, polls also show black support of President Obama is higher than it was for Bill Clinton at this same period during Clinton’s Presidency. Overall, President Obama’s approval ratings are in the 40’s, but higher than Presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan at this same time during their administrations.

Understanding all these dynamics, The White House contends, people are still “frustrated” by the “9.6 percent unemployment rate” in this country. Many Americans are also discouraged about not feeling tangible results of the so called end of the recession.

President Obama won the Oval Office in 2008 for his push for change of the American economic landscape and on other issues. When it comes to that word change, a high ranking administration source says, “People have to understand it is not a product but a process.”


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