Former President Bill Clinton will be campaigning this week with Rhode Island Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Caprio. The Clinton endorsement comes as Caprio is upset with President Obama for not endorsing him. Caprio Monday retaliated telling President Obama during a radio interview he could “shove it!” President Obama is responding to Caprio’s “shove it” during an exclusive phone interview Tuesday with April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks.


“Q Well, you know, you talk about this change that we are still involved in, this effort to move forward. And passions are running hot. And were you able to read or hear about what happened in Rhode Island, the statements that were made about you?



THE PRESIDENT: Oh, you know, I saw that. I mean, that’s not a big deal. Obviously, a candidate for governor there was upset that I hadn’t explicitly endorsed him, and made a comment off the cuff –


Q Okay, and so –


THE PRESIDENT: And so one of the things you learn, April, in politics is you don’t worry about people saying stuff about you. As long as you know that you are focused on doing what’s right for people, then that’s your main priority.

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