Washington insiders are abuzz with what happens next for some of the influential political leadership after the 2010 elections. There is concern about Former House speaker Nancy Pelosi from some Democratic Representatives on Capitol Hill. The overwhelming concern is about how she will be treated. Some of that concern is evidencing itself in her run for the House Minority leader post. Some House Democrats feel she has had her time and should let Congressman Steny Hoyer or Congressman James Clyburn run. A Democratic source says someone needs to bow out of the race.  In a related note, Congressman James Clyburn is not stranger to a political fight.  He was embroiled in a political fight in 2006 with then Congressman Rahm Emmanuel over the House Majority Whip seat.  Emmanuel gained the support of former President Bill Clinton, but Clyburn won the seat and kept it until the 2010 Mid Term Elections changed leadership in the House.
On the other side of the aisle, Michael Steele, the previously embattled head of the Republican National Committee is also considering his next steps.  Steele says he has “not made up my mind if I am running yet or not. I am going to evaluate that in the context of everything that we are doing. I do have a vision and idea of where I would like the party to go and be over the next two years. I’ll talk to folks over the next few weeks and decide wheather or not there are people who support that vision. I am a grass root guy April. I believe in the bottom up approach to governing, the bottom up approach to leadership. I consider myself a servant leader. I guess that is from all those years in the monastery you kind of put yourself in that frame of mind. The reality of it for my I still think the party has more growing to do . I think it still has more to do to expand its reach.”






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