Today the Congressional Black Caucus votes on its leadership.  Sources inside say Congressman Emanuel Cleaver is expected to win over Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee.  The victor will replace Congresswoman Barbara Lee as Chair who was said to have the ear of President Obama. Congress Woman Donna Christensen is running for First Vice President and Congressman G.K Butterfield is running for Second Vice President of the CBC.


The CBC also meets today with outgoing House speaker Nancy Pelosi to leverage positions for CBC members on powerful comittees and to assure Congressman Clyburn is made Assistant Minority Leader, a third rung position under her new leadership role.   The CBC is working with Pelosi to define Clyburns role.

Since the Mid-Term Elections and the Democratic losses, the CBC wants to ensure their members are on committees to include Energy and Commerce, Banking and Appropriations.   Some members say Appropriations may not be a good committee anymore because earmarks may become a thing of the past.



White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says Congressman Clyburn is some one the President respects and for you to go from majority to minority you loose a slot.   For him to stay in a leadership role is “a good thing.”

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