Bro. Kip Ward, 5th Black 4-Star General, 1St Cdr. AFRICOMPresident Barack Obama contends all options are still on the table when it comes to resolving the human rights violations in Libya.  “On the table”, no fly zones and military boots on the ground.  An Obama administration source says if there is any military action against Libya, AFRICOM (U.S. Africa Command Headquarters) is the lead facility to ensure a no fly zone remains in place.   U.S. AFRICOM is a German based facility focusing on 53 nations with various charges to include addressing the consequences of humanitarian disasters-whether man-made or natural-that cause loss of life and displaces populations.

A change of leadership is underday at AFRICOM today.  Morgan State University gaduate, Arican American, Four Star General Kip Ward had led AFRICOM from its inception from 2007 until today.  Today there is a transfer of power from General Ward to General Carter Hamm as Ward previously planned to retire from the Military in May 2011. 

General Ward has given his farewell http://www.africom.mil/getArticle.asp?art=6168&lang=0

AFRICOM conducts several categories of activities to support four primary goals and address current security challenges that threaten stability on the African contient.  AFRICOM, has primary purposes to include:

Countering transnational and extremist threats

Contributing to stability in current zones of conflict

Addressing conditions that contribute to instability


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