President Obama is giving Libya an ultimatum for a cease fire or face military action, to include U.S. involvement.   If military action against Liby is a reality, Obama says the U.S will not commit ground troops. The American military, however, will help to impose a no fly zone over the North African country.


“The U.S. did not pursue this outcome,” contends the President. He says we are not going this alone as Arab States, France, the United Kingdom are part of the coalition.  Those countries to include the United States would impose the military action against if Mommar Quadaffi if he does not stop killing his own people and does not let humanitarian aid into the country.    Meanwhile, an American national security source says,”Moammar Quadaffi does have military experience as he lead a military overthrow in Libya. The source warns Quadaffi is “more sophisticated than people think.”



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