It is Official President Barack Obama is again Presidental Candidate Barack Obama.   The Obama campaign office, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois has launched the campaign on line this morning.  The launch features a video saying,”It begins with us.”  Emails are also going out to supporters today with President Obama saying; “Today we are filing papers to launch our 2012 campaign.”  He goes on to say, “We are doing this now because the politics we believe in does not start with expensive TV ads or extravaganzas but with you—with people organizing block by block.”


Rewinding back a few years ago, then Presidential Candidate Obama, in his last bid for president raised 750 million dollars in his successful attempts at gaining the Oval Office.  Critics contend that figure can push a campaign tally this time to a billion dollars for the history making President.  The White House does not want to openly engage in conversations about those numbers as the country is climbing out of a recession. 


Many grassroots persons donated small amouts to the campaign last time.  That campaign was based on “Hope” for a better tomorrows.   Now many of the grassroots supporters are feeling the pinch of the economy.  

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