House Speaker John Boehner says there is no agreement on the budget.  President Obama said ” We can’t have a my way or the highway approach.” Those words after an Oval Office meeting with President Barack Obama and GOP leaders tying to find fiscal midde ground before the April 8th budget deadline.  President obama says 73 billion can be trimmed from the budget but a Republican proposal calls for 6.2 trillion in budget cuts.  Both sided wrangled over the federal fiscal picture in the Oval Office in efforts to prevent a government shut down at April 8th at Midnight. 
As the White House prepared for the highly anticipated meeting so did demonstrators outside of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But, there is a new twist to an old strategy of demonstrating at the White House. Tuesday Morning, A child was outside the black Iron gates screamimg at the over 200 year old building professing God and denouncing President Obama on abortion and Homosexuality. According to authorities, The 11 year old, allegedly from Los Angeles, was part of a protest Monday outside the White House the day before. Today, a rainy and cold day in DC,  he stood waiting for the Republicans to arrive at the White House. He even chanted in support of House Speaker John Boehner. If you are wondering where his parents are, he said,”his father has a restraining order against him.” Secret Service Police questioned him and he was expecting someone to come back at lunchtime to bring him food.



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