Daytime TV diva Oprah Winfrey's support of Illinois Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle turns out to have cost her perhaps more than she helped himPresident Obama’s public schedule is released daily, but there are a lot of holes in it reporters are finding. The holes represent events that are not made public. That evidenced itself when friend of Obama, and former talk show queen Oprah Winfrey publicly made comments on her behind the scenes show on the OWN cable channel.  She disclosed some of the graduating girls from her school in South Africa met with the first couple at the White house during their U-S college tour in recent months. Winfrey even went on to say she was going to email the First Lady to say her girls were “levitating” from the visit.

When White house press officials were asked about the event they said, ” there are some things the President does not want publicized like his continuous efforts to meet with terminally ill kids involved in the Make-A-Wish program and when he surprises wounded soldiers touring the White House.” The administration officials plan to keep the practice of not making some events public.


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