The Obama Administration released the November 2011 unemployment stats showing the overall rate dropped to 8.6 percent with 1.9 million jobs added to the private sector, according to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis.

People looking for work wait at the job centre

Presidential spokesman Jay Carney at White House Briefing said the overall unemployment rate was “way too high” and said of the increased black rate is “way too high.”  The black unemployment rate rose in November from 15.1 percent to 15.6 percent.  The White House is still not quantifying what is an acceptable unemployment rate if the current numbers are “way too high.”

Mary Francis Berry the former head of the Civil rights commission does not foresee America going beyond a 9% overall unemployment rate and a 16 percent black unemployment rate. But she contends the black unemployment rate is “affected overall by the layoffs in government and the layoffs in the manufacturing sector”. Meanwhile she acknowledge the best places to search for a job could be in the states with the lowest unemployment rates: North Dakota and Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Berry contends they are areas where energy fuels the employment there. Summing up American’s economic outlook was former President Bill Clinton Friday morning.  He stood with President Obama and called the national fiscal picture, the “lousy economy!”

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