We saw a side of President Barack Obama we don’t normally see. The press and students from across the country got a glimpse of a very playful, animated and physically active Barack Obama. This Obama showed up at the White House Science Fair highlighting grade school science inventions and projects.

The projects ranged from dissolving sugar packets, to a prosthetic writing grip, to a $600 emergency shelter inspired by the Haitian Earthquake, to a new green city model of Detroit. One project caught the Presidents attention more than any other. It was an active air cannon on display in the State Dining Room of the White House.

The President was like a kid at Christmas excited about shooting this cannon. An Arizona eighth grader devised the contraption that was situated under the watchful eyes of the Abraham Lincoln portrait in the White House State Dining Room that has hosted many State Dinners and other official White House events.

He was more than intrigued, President Obama got physically involved in pumping air into the orange and white cannon to raise the air pressure so a marshmallow would shoot out and land somewhere in the historic room. The President ultimately helped pump 30 psi’s into the contraption the kids father and the local Home Depot helped devise. Once ready, the smashed marshmallow was shot across the room and hit a wall. The end result, to the delight of the White House Historical Association, no damage to the White House and the President got a chance to play that day. Meanwhile, during his tour of the Science Fair, the President admitted that he and his fifth grader Sasha have conducted science experiments at the White House. President Obama said, Sasha won first place for devising a way for an egg to drop with out breaking. He admitted they tried many times to drop eggs from the “Truman Balcony” of the White House. The President said Sasha won first place by packing the eggs in Cheerios in a plastic container.

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