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Embracing the LGBT Community

Embracing the LGBT Community (AURN) -- The Obama campaign continues to embrace the LGBT community. June is titled "Pride Month" and is celebrated by the gay community across the globe. … [Read more...]

Space Shuttle Disrupts My Interview

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President Obama Personally Supports Same-Sex Marriage

[vodpod id=Video.16470235&w=425&h=350&] President Obama answered questions about his personal … [Read more...]

Race and the Presidential Campaign – Institute of Politics

newsitevisiontest (vodpod)'s Decalz | Lockerz. … [Read more...]

President Obama Supports Same-Sex Marriage

President Obama Supports Same-Sex Marriage The president's remarks today on his position on same-sex marriage. … [Read more...]

Roberts and Ryan

On the White House driveway with ABC News Robin Roberts prior to her conversation earlier today with President Obama. … [Read more...]

After Words with Liza Mundy

Video Courtesy of C-Span   My interview with Liza Mundy, who argues that what she describes as a new economic order - a growing percentage of women earning more than their husbands - is having an effect on the social order. More men are looking at marriage as a means of .. Read More … [Read more...]

We Can’t Wait Update: Advancing Innovation in Health Care … [Read more...]

Video: President Obama on Ending the War in Afghanistan

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Obama Speaks on Ending the War in Afghanistan

Saturday, President Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan -- to meet  with President Hamid Karzai and sign a strategic partnership agreement  that will help to guide our future relationship with the country. For more than a decade, U.S. troops have served in the region as part  of the NATO … [Read more...]