A Chat with White House Black History Month Chef B. Smith

Guest Chef B. Smith talks about her experience as the guest White House Chef during black History Month.  She feels it is a perfect time to spend time at the White House.  B. Smith also met with President Obam’s Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Smith was just one of many celebrities at the White House Reception that offered fare to include Shrimp and grits.   Celebrities for the event included Magic Johnson, Vivia A. Fox, Stevie Wonder, Harry Belefonte, Phylicia Rashad, Wendell Pierce, and civil rights leaders and others.

Some background on the story:

By Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Restaurateur B. Smith (pictured) will be the guest chef Wednesday in a White House restaurant run by the Navy. Word got out during an interview that Michelle Obama taped ahead of time and was broadcast Tuesday on Smith’s program on SiriusXM radio.

Smith said her menu will be soulful and healthy. Mrs. Obama described White House staff as anxious to get their lips on Smith’s food.

Smith’s restaurant at Washington’s Union Station serves Cajun, Creole, and Southern food. She also has two restaurants in New York. The White House mess was established in 1951. Cabinet secretaries can make reservations to eat in, while West and East wing staff are served by a takeout window.

Smith’s stint is part of Black History Month observances by the White House.

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