A Conversation Between Black Journalists and Democratic Senators on the Hill

AfAm10About 11 Democratic Senators met with black Washington journalists primarily on issues pertaining to the black community.   Outgoing Massachusetts’s Senator Mo Cowan moderated the hour and 20 minute event.  Two topics dominated the session, Voting Rights and black unemployment  On the anticipated Supreme Court decision on Voting Rights, Senator  Chris Coons hopes SCOTUS upholds Voting Rights especially Section 5.  He says we have to be prepared for “prompt and vigorous action”.  The List of Senators contributing to the “conversation” include”: Senator Tom Harkin, Senator, Mary Landrieu, Senator Mark Warner, Senator Ben Cardin.

AfAm4April Ryan spoke with Mo Cowan and Mary Landrieu after the session: LISTEN


  1. Who gets to decide whether Black Folks can Vote or Not? I’m not so Clear as Exactly, who has that Right…Maybe we need More Work on Amending the Unfair Laws that are in Place.

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