Congresswoman Fudge Denounces GOP Obstruction and Brinksmanship

Congresswoman Fudge Denounces GOP Obstruction and Brinksmanship, Votes No on the Amendments to the Continuing Resolution

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11) issued the following statement today after voting no on two harmful amendments to H.J.Res. 59, the Continuing Resolution that passed the House early this morning:

“The needs of millions of Americans and the economic well-being of our country took a back seat to shameful partisan politics. House Republicans wasted an opportunity to show Americans they are willing to let go of their narrow, ideological agenda and instead have taken steps to shut down the government. The Senate offered a clean and simple Continuing Resolution so we could get back to business yet House Republicans refuse to compromise,” said Congresswoman Fudge.

“No one wins in this situation. A shutdown deprives Americans of many services including access to food. For example, about 31,000 in Cuyahoga County will lose access to infant formula and food because of the forced shutdown of the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program. Other examples include the 800,000 federal workers who will be furloughed, not knowing when they will get paid, and the tens of thousands of passport, visa and mortgage applications that will be stalled. House Republicans have bullied their way through this budget process, and for what – so an extreme faction in the House can say they blocked someone with a pre-existing condition from getting affordable health insurance?

“The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the law of the land and the more than 40 failed attempts to repeal it have not changed that fact. Through the ACA, 30 million Americans will soon have an opportunity to obtain affordable health coverage. The Senate has rightly indicated it will not pass, and the President will not sign, any measure that defunds the ACA. I join them in rejecting this and any other attempt to hold the entire federal government hostage because they disagree with the Affordable Care Act.”


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