Do any GOP governors have ‘the story’?

April Ryan appeared on Up with Steve Kornacki Sunday roundtable discussing whether GOP governors might have a better shot at their party’s presidential nomination.

Courtesy MSNBC


  1. Derek Davis says:

    April, I agree. But the “Story” needs to tell us an awful lot about their ability to govern in a deeply divided country, it cannot just be about the personal history. It must give us a resume that tells us that the candidate is credible. Too often we are taken with the Horatio Alger stories and fail ask the tougher, less politically correct question: do they really know how to govern or do they just like the thought of governing? Let’s look at who they listen to, who they confide in and how they make decisions. Are they the only ones drinking their Kool -Aide? Yes, the candidate must be able to be liked, but we need to take a look at the entire person: (i) who did they appointed in their state cabinets; (ii) what kind of CEO were they; (iii) how long did it take them to figure out the job; (iv) did they learn from their mistakes; (v) do they have the ability to listen and are they open to “truth being spoken to power.” And most importantly, who do they put their faith in? There may not be a governor in this country who will be able to meet my criteria, but we should set very high standards, the stakes are too high.

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