President Obama Discusses Decisions in the Crisis in Ukraine and Syria

By: April Ryan, AURN |

President Obama made it to the White House Briefing room on a host of issues and he took reporters questions. The President opened the presser on the economy, something he said is the foremost issue for Americans. Then he talked of ISIS and Iraq that when America leaves, the threats come back to that country. He also discussed the Russian invasion of Ukraine. President Obama contends ” it is not in the cards for us to see a military confrontation between Russia and the United States. Watch:

At this point, the latest Russian invasion of Ukraine is not considered a war as neither nation has made the declaration nor has Russia moved to remove the sitting government.

On the issue of ISIS, it is now confirmed two Americans died while fighting for the terrorist group ISIS. The two Americans confirmed dead are African American and friends. The construct of ISIS is different from Al Qaeda. The new recruits learn to make IED’s and other forms of potential terror in Syria and then leave to commit single acts upon their own discretion in the name of ISIS and that Jihadist movement instead of having to consult with their leaders for corporate approval.

On the internet, ISIS attracts vulnerable people thought to be on the fringes of society. There is a concern some of these new ISIS converts have their US passports and could come back to American soil to plot terror.

So when it comes to airstrikes on ISIS in Syria, the President says “we don’t have a strategy yet.” White House officials, however, say there is a strategy being carried out in Iraq. Right now there is a US humanitarian mission and airstrikes in Iraq to combat ISIL there.

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