Nigerian Elections and Missing Girls

Civil-rights groups staging a protest against any proposed postponement of the Nigerian elections. (AP Photo / Olamikan Gbemiga)

Civil-rights groups staging a protest against any proposed postponement of the Nigerian elections. (AP Photo / Olamikan Gbemiga)

(AURN) — Nigerian elections are later this month and White House Correspondent April Ryan tells us Vice President Joe Biden placed phone calls to the candidates. LISTEN: 

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  1. Nigeria: Women Activists Laud G-Win,FG’s Intervention for Women: Some Women Rights Activists on Thursday in New York lauded the recently launched program by the federal government, The Growing Girls and Women in Nigeria[G-Win]. The activists said this at an event tagged Nigeria’s experience on gender responsive budgeting organized by The Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development on the sidelines of The Beijing+20 Conference taking place at The UN…..The Beijing+20 Conferences seeks to appraise the performance of Governments The World over in involving Women in Governance since the first Beijing Conference in 1995….Haji Saudatu Mahdi, The Secretary- General of The Women’s Right Advancement and Protection Alternative, in her remarks said Nigerian Women must ensure the sustenance of the program at all costs”It would go along way to empower Women and Girls.”What [G-WIN] spells is a shift from the norm, moving from Words to Action. It is not by accident but through deliberate Legislation and Direct Impact that will go to The Grassroots……”We’ve seen other projects that were Hijacked by Politicians but [G-WIN] is our own….We should advocate that the budget should move fromN3 billion to N20 billion to enrich many Women in The Grassroots.”[G-WIN] must continue, Nigerian Women must ensure the continuity of the program.[G-WIN] is here to stay irrespective of who is in Government,”Mahdi said…. The Excutive Director,Civil Society Legislative and Advocacy Center, Mallam Auwal Ibrahim, in his remarks urged The Women to engage The New Legislators constructively to ensure positive responses to Women’s Issues…..Ibrahim said”I will urge you to engage The New Legislators of The 10th House constructively on why they need to support Women Issues.”There should be proper coordination between The Women Civil Society Organizations, and The Legislators this time that will Impact Women at The Grassroots positively and to ensure sucess in our Advocacies.”Mrs. Ene Ede, founder of Equity Advocates described The[G-WIN]” one of The Recognizable steps Nigeria is taking towards Gender Equality and Empowernment of Women and Girls.”Ede lauded the program and expressed optimism that it will go a long way to lift Women and Growing Girls from the doldrums of poverty and over-dependence.

  2. Nigeria has a long history of voting irregularities and violence around elections. The contest between Mr. Buhari and incubent President Goodluck Jonathan is set to be the most fiercely contested since the Advent of Multiparty Democracy in the country in 1999……According to Afrobarometer polls from January. The two candidates are Neck and Neck 42% each….A recent report by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation concluded that in the next three generations, 41% of the World’s Youth will be African.

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