Hillary Names African American Outreach Director

LaDavia Drane

LaDavia Drane

Source: hillaryclinton.com

Hillary Clinton has tapped a former Congressional Black Caucus Executive Director to serve as the African American outreach director on her campaign – LaDavia Drane.

·         Throughout her career, Hillary Clinton has fought to strengthen African American families and communities and she’s got a long history and strong bond with them but she won’t take their vote for granted during this election

·         Drane will be the primary liaison between the campaign and the African American community across the country, drawing from her extensive experience at various levels of government to help build coalitions to further Hillary Clinton’s agenda that will help African Americans get ahead, and stay ahead

LaDavia Drane, African American Outreach Director

·         Drane was most recently the Director of Federal and Regional Affairs for D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, where she was the primary manager of the Mayor’s relationships with Congress, the White House, federal agencies and Virginia and Maryland governments

·         As the Executive Director of the CBC, Drane developed legislative and messaging agendas that advanced the priorities and shaped public opinion of the CBC. Additionally, Drane developed public engagement campaigns on issues such as immigration, human and civil rights, technology, education, healthcare, and voting rights

·         A licensed attorney, Drane also served in leadership roles for Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association, and the National Community Investment Coalition. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Miami University and her J.D. from Cleveland State University

·         Since day one of her campaign, Hillary Clinton’s team has been actively and openly engaging with the African American community – including meeting with Inclusv, a diversity hiring group, Russell Simmons’ political team,      

·         She has made clear that “one of the four big fights” of her campaign is strengthening families and communities

·         She used the first major speech of her campaign to address the tragic situation in Baltimore and laid out a broader vision for criminal justice reform with specific policy proposals

·         Yesterday in South Carolina, Hillary Clinton talked with six minority women business owners to discuss the challenges facing minority and women business owners and how government can make it easier for these small business owners to grow their businesses and create jobs


  1. La Davia Drane, African American Outreach Director, additionally developed public engagement campaigns on issues such as immigration, human and civil rights, technology education, healthcare, and voting rights. These issues and initatives are vital to all communities as well as Gentrification that are affecting our most vulnerable citizens, our Senior Citizens……Gentrification means”Forced Relocation of Black Seniors…..Many Detroit residents are celebrating a new era of revitalization, as the city’s thriving Midtown is now dotted with upscale shops, restaurants and new construction…..But Motor City, blighted with 83,000 abandoned homes, is also seeing the Forced Relocation of Low-income Seniors, most of them Black. ”There’s a National Rope about Detroit, the idea that it’s empty in a lot of ways,”said Tam E. Perry, a researcher at The Michigan Center For Urban African American Aging Research and Assistant Professor at Wayne State University, where she heads The Relocation Lab……Phrases like,”Detroit is on the move’ have taken hold, she said, promoting the notion that anything can happen there, that you can start a new business, be an artist,….see the city as a ” blank state” just waiting for you to make your mark on it.”But when you think a community is a blank state,” she said” you’re also over looking very vulnerable populations that have been part of the Fabric of Detroit and want to remain part of that fabric…As development is occurring in various parts of the city, Senior Relocation or I would say Forced Relocation; is an unintended consequence…..Detroit, Ms. Perry noted, is a city of about 700,000 people, 82.7% of them Black. More than one in 10 residents[11.5%] are 65 or older…..As one recent Associated Press story declared,”Whites moving to Detroit, City that epitomized White Flight: Residents are taking advantage of cheaper housing.”

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