Pres. Obama Urges Senate to Renew NSA Power

WASHINGTON (AP/AURN) - President Barack Obama is urging the Senate to renew the government's power to search Americans' telephone records, saying public safety demands it. The Republican-controlled House overwhelmingly passed the White House-backed USA Freedom Act that would end bulk collection … [Read more...]

Obama and Biden Meet 97-year-old Vivian Bailey

Source: WH Today at the White House, the President and Vice President met with 97-year-old Vivian Bailey of Columbia, Maryland.  Ms. Bailey, an Army veteran, grew up in the 1920s in Oklahoma and went to a segregated school that did not allow her to go on field trips. As a result of the … [Read more...]

New Harvard Study on Youth, Politics, and Race

(AURN) -- There is a new Harvard Study on the perceptions of young people in America. Some of the top findings on politics are not surprising. One area of the study details the impact on the Republican party, as there is no clear front runner in the GOP Presidential field.  The study also finds the … [Read more...]

Obama to Kenya Amid Terror Concerns

(AURN) -- President Obama is traveling to Kenya this summer, the birthplace of his father. But Kenya, has been dealing with issues of terror.  White House Correspondent April Ryan reports, no matter the recent terror attacks in Kenya, the President's trip is a go. LISTEN:  … [Read more...]

Former Baltimore Mayor Chimes in on Unrest

(AURN) -- More federal visits are on tap for Baltimore after the riots which followed the funeral of 25 year-old Freddie Gray. Washington Bureau Chief April Ryan talked with former Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke, who said he would focus on summer jobs and other opportunities for youth in reaction … [Read more...]

White House Fighting Poverty in America

WASHINGTON (AURN) -- The White House says President Obama is familiar with the blight in Baltimore and that he has been working to correct the problem. White House Correspondent April Ryan says the Executive Office has a few keys to the turn the poverty and blight around in cities like Baltimore, … [Read more...]

Reaction to Gray Decision

(AURN) -- Freddie Gray's death is deemed a homicide, and six Baltimore City Police officers are being charged. There is reaction to the surprise Friday announcement. White House Correspondent April Ryan with more. More news and information at … [Read more...]

Meet the Press Roundtable

Source: NBC News Chuck Todd hosts a discussion about how events in Baltimore are shaping the presidential election. … [Read more...]

Japanese state dinner surprises with haiku, sake and R&B

By: Darlene Superville, AP WASHINGTON (AP) — The first White House state dinner in more than a year served up some surprises: a president reciting haiku, toasts using sake instead of champagne and the leader of Japan describing relations between the countries using the words of a popular R&B … [Read more...]

President Obama Addresses Baltimore Unrest

WASHINGTON (AURN) -- Baltimore is not seeing the violence of yesterday but President Obama chimes in on what is happening in Baltimore after the funeral of Freddie Gray who was killed at the hands of White Baltimore City Police Officers. White House Correspondent April Ryan reports:  … [Read more...]