White House: Millions Now Have Coverage

WASHINGTON (AP/AURN) - The Obama administration says more than 16 million Americans have gained coverage since the president's health care law took effect five years ago. But an independent expert who is using some of the same underlying numbers is offering a much lower estimate of 9.7 … [Read more...]

U.S. Conference of Mayors in DC

(AURN) -- Jobs, crime and police-community relations are among issues top of mind for the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Washington.  The group met with Vice President Joe Biden Thurday on matters of community policing.  The city leaders pow-wow with President Obama today. AURN's April Ryan … [Read more...]

State of the Union: Voting Rights

(AURN) --  President Obama brought up Civil Rights issues to include the Voting Rights Act last night in his State of the Union Address. White House Correspondent April Ryan talked with the Republican National Committee chair about various issues to include the Voting Rights Act. Listen: … [Read more...]

2015 State of the Union Address: Preview

(AURN) -- It is the 6th anniversary of the President Obama's first inauguration and he will be delivering his 2015 state of the Union address on that anniversary. White House Correspondent April Ryan reports on some of what is expected economically in the speech.  … [Read more...]

Task Force Policing

WASHINGTON (AURN) -- The work is being done to compile a report President Obama ordered from the Justice Department on 21st century policing. The report is due in March. White House correspondent April Ryan reports on the Tuesday meeting in the nation's capitol. LISTEN:  … [Read more...]

DOJ: Police Training in Ferguson

By: April Ryan, AURN As the nation waits for the decision by the Grand Jury on Officer Darren Wilson's actions in the fatal shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown, the US. Justice Department has been working to help change the dynamic in Ferguson with the Clashes with the Police and the … [Read more...]

Closing the Education Gap

(AURN) -- This week The Center for American Progress released a study on the benefits of closing the education gap between children of color and their white counterparts. However, the study's results offer long-term fixes in the next two decades.  Washington Bureau Chief April Ryan has more. … [Read more...]

Black Unemployment Numbers on the Decline

By: April Ryan | aprildryan.com | AURN The Black unemployment numbers have the attention of the Obama administration, particularly as they have made a significant drop since 2010 at its peak of 16.8 percent. In June 2014, the numbers stood at 10.7 percent. LISTEN:  Read Statement of US … [Read more...]

VA Report Deadline Nears

By: April Ryan, aprildryan.com | AURN It is any minute now for the report on the VA.  White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says it is due at the end of the week which means it will be on the Presidents desk Friday or Saturday.  LISTEN:  … [Read more...]

Bill Clinton Remembers Nelson Mandela

By: April Ryan, aprildryan.com | AURN In an exclusive interview with AURN's April Ryan, former President Bill Clinton is remembering the life of his friend, 95 year-old former South African President Nelson Mandela. Clinton explains who Mandela was to him. President Bill Clinton - LISTEN: … [Read more...]