Meet the Press Roundtable

Source: NBC News Chuck Todd hosts a discussion about how events in Baltimore are shaping the presidential election. … [Read more...]

Obama faces heat for Christianity criticism

Source: MSNBC - HARDBALL WITH CHRIS MATTHEWS 02/06/15 Chris Matthews and panel talk about the right-wing backlash against President Obama for his critical remarks against Christianity at Thursday's National Prayer Breakfast. … [Read more...]

Media and Race Discussion

Panelists talked about media coverage of race following grand jury decisions not to indict officers in police shootings in Ferguson, Missouri, and Staten Island, New York.   Opens link at   … [Read more...]

April Ryan Visits the Rock Newman Show

Source: The Rock Newman Show April D. Ryan on The Rock Newman Show - YouTube White House Correspondent April D. Ryan visit Howard University Television studios for the January 7, 2015 episode of The Rock Newman Show! April D. Ryan (a 30-year journalism veteran), has conducted one-on-one … [Read more...]

Obama takes questions from women only, causing press corps stir

Source: MSNBC April Ryan, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, talks with Rachel Maddow about President Obama calling only on women reporters at his press conference today, and how reporters are chosen to ask questions. … [Read more...]

‘The Presidency in Black and White’

April Ryan, author of “The Presidency in Black and White”, and Susan Page joins Chris Matthews to discuss Obama’s self-confident, forward-leaning agenda in the last few weeks. … [Read more...]

Obama: Black America ‘better off’ now

Source: CNN April Ryan and Jay Carney discuss Pres. Obama's comments that Black America is better now than before he was in office. … [Read more...]

War and peace between potential 2016 hawks and doves

Source: MSNBC The Hardball roundtable takes on the battle over the soul of Hillary Clinton, national security in the 2016 election, President Obama’s pick for Attorney General, and whether President Obama is now “free” to make a deal with Republicans now that the election is over. … [Read more...]

Why repealing Obamacare has Lost Steam

Source: MSNBC Though the idea of repealing Obamacare has lost steam with Republicans, the law still isn’t providing the big electoral windfall for Democrats that some predicted. Carrie Sheffield, April Ryan and Beth Fouhy discuss with Steve Kornacki. … [Read more...]

The Political History of Health Care Reform

Source: MSNBC The UP table discusses the political history of health care reform in America. … [Read more...]