Commentary: The Power of Your Vote in South Carolina

By: Rick Wade South Carolinians are known for our “strong opinions” — on sports, weather, politics — even BBQ. As a native of the Palmetto State, my friends, family, and neighbors share their opinions with me just about every day. And that has been my favorite part about traveling around the … [Read more...]

COMMENTARY: Why We Can’t Ignore Obama’s Bigoted Critics

By Michael H. Cottman Senior Political Correspondent Nov. 2, 2013 I listened carefully to a black senior citizen who phoned into“Keeping it Real with Rev. Al Sharpton,” a national radio show where I serve as a co-host. The caller suggested that we ignore the racists in … [Read more...]

This is the Moment for Action on Climate Change

By: Benjamin Todd Jealous President Obama kicked off the summer with a high-profile environmental speech at Georgetown University. He put forth a plan to limit carbon emissions for coal-fired power plants, and called for America to double renewable energy sources. As the details of this plan … [Read more...]

Attack on Holder is attack on civil rights

By: Ben Jealous, Source: The Hill The continued political attacks aimed at U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder represent the most insidious kind of political gamesmanship. Holder is among the finest attorneys general to ever serve this nation. But over the past four-plus years, he has faced one … [Read more...]

You Can’t Survive on $7.25

By Benjamin Todd Jealous Last week, I joined hundreds of striking fast-food workers on the streets of Harlem, where they held signs that read "I am a Man" and "I am a Woman" and chanted: "You can't survive on $7.25." The demonstration, led by workers struggling to survive on the minimum wage, … [Read more...]

March on Washington Commemoration Must Focus on Black Unemployment

by Roland S. Martin Creators Syndicate It is always important to look back on historical moments in history and remember how important it was and reflect on those who made it possible. But it is also to continue to have a forward-looking vision that connects the past with the present. When … [Read more...]

Five black women brought their ‘A game’ to the Super Bowl

By: Michelle D. Bernard | Source: Washington Post There’s been a lot of chatter over the lack of feminist outrage over Beyonce’s half time show which, as one blogger complained, was “overly sexy,” and “felt more like a Victoria’s Secret runway than mid-field at the Super Bowl.” But Beyonce’s … [Read more...]

The NRA’s tone-deaf rhetoric

By: Eugene Robinson - The Washington Post The moment that most deserves to be remembered from Sunday’s thrilling Super Bowl came before the game, when Jennifer Hudson joined students from Sandy Hook Elementary School in singing “America the Beautiful.” It was a heart-rending elegy for the fallen … [Read more...]

Why ending affirmative action makes America less secure

Melissa Harris-Perry's letter this week is to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts as he considers a challenge to the affirmative action program at the University of Texas. Source: MSNBC. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy … [Read more...]

Obama needs some binders of women

By Ruth Marcus, The Washington Post About all those white guys: What a shame. Not an outrage, but a shame. The face of power that President Obama has chosen to present to the country and the world with his second-term Cabinet picks is striking — except for the African American president at the … [Read more...]