White House Fighting Poverty in America

WASHINGTON (AURN) -- The White House says President Obama is familiar with the blight in Baltimore and that he has been working to correct the problem. White House Correspondent April Ryan says the Executive Office has a few keys to the turn the poverty and blight around in cities like Baltimore, … [Read more...]

Reaction to Gray Decision

(AURN) -- Freddie Gray's death is deemed a homicide, and six Baltimore City Police officers are being charged. There is reaction to the surprise Friday announcement. White House Correspondent April Ryan with more. More news and information at AURN.com … [Read more...]

President Obama Addresses Baltimore Unrest

WASHINGTON (AURN) -- Baltimore is not seeing the violence of yesterday but President Obama chimes in on what is happening in Baltimore after the funeral of Freddie Gray who was killed at the hands of White Baltimore City Police Officers. White House Correspondent April Ryan reports:  … [Read more...]